objectual philosophy

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The information on this site is intended for readers with high training in the scientific and technical fields, with knowledge of special mathematics (differential and integral calculus, the theory of vector fields.) and a broad scientific culture, interdisciplinary. The degree of difficulty of the presentation is very high, requiring much patience and perseverance. The reward for such an effort is another way to understand the world we live in, other interpretations for some concepts learned in school and college, another way of looking at us ourselves, and more. If you do not want these changes, this site is not recommended.

To view the proper content presentation (special characters, symbols, equations, figures), in addition to chapters in the HTML version, the main "Introduction into the objectual philosophy" is available for download in PDF format. Also, as we are ready, other aplications will be available (all for download in PDF format) in addition to those included in the annexes of the book.

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