Objectual Philosophy Quantization of energetical action

There are few main properties of the material fluxes which must be taken into account in order to analyze the energetical interaction processes of MS, resulting both from the objectual definition of the fluxes (as collective processes with spatial distribution) and from SOP (as abiotic decomposable systems):

  1. The material fluxes are discrete distributions, both from the structural and energetical point of view, because the material systems carried by those fluxes are discrete as well (units which may be decomposed into finite elements);

  2. The discrete character of the flux structure (of distribution) is also transmitted to the distribution of their energy stockpile, with elements belonging also to this stock.

  3. The elementary energy stockpiles are obviously finite, which means that the action time domain of these stockpiles (depletion time of the elementary stockpile) is finite as well;

  4. The action of any kind of apparently continuous energy flux (EF) may be decomposed in elementary actions of some elementary energy stockpiles.

Comment A coherent, apparently continuous, photon flux, such as the one generated by a continuous laser, actually consists in a very large amount of energy quanta - individual photons with energy E= hv. The overall action of the flux (laser beam) means an addition of the individual and finite actions of each incident photon on RBS of the driven body. There is a similar situation in case of a gas or liquid jet which hit the surface of a body, the overall action being the result of cumulating the individual energy stockpiles of all the individual molecules wich collide on the surface of the driven body. In case of solid body collision, the total action is the same cumulative stock of all elements, each bringing its contribution by means of its kinetic energy stockpile quantum and this quantum being the result of the kinetic energy distribution of the body along its inner elements. In case of the action exerted by an energy field to a body placed in this field, the energy flux which is transmitted to the body is the result of the variation of incident elementary energy fluxes on the body’s RBS, and the action’s result (state change of the driven body) is due to the addition (integration) of these individual actions along the entire RBS. Each element of the medium which is the material support of the energy field owns an energy quantum, but the magnitude of this quantum does not necessarily have the same value (as in the classic quantic physics) but on the contrary, within the media with uneven energy distribution (radial fields), the energy stockpile per element of each medium is variable with the spatial position of the element against its field source.

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