Objectual Philosophy



6.1 Overview

We have seen in the previous chapter that the flux of a property (amount), as a distributed process, requires the preliminary and compulsory existence of a set of objects which own that property, set which will move in ensemble, and which will convey that property from one place to another. The carried property may be transmissible or not from one object to another. For example, the spatial structure of a molecule from the liquid jet released by a vehicle used for dispersing manifestants is a property which moves once with that objects (molecules) but it is not a property which is transmissible from one molecule to another, whereas the kinetic energy of the molecules is transmitted both from one molecule to another and to any other object which intersect with that jet (flux). In this chapter, we shall be dealing briefly even with these sets of objects which can be involved into a collective motion process and which can therefore be the material support of a flux.

Because our goal (that is the goal of the author-reader couple) is to prepare the ground for defining the general model of the material system, model based on material fluxes (at which the involved objects are material objects), this time, we shall also be using notions such as “material”, “interaction” etc. with the meaning from the textbooks and dictionaries, up to the moment of their subsequent redefinition.

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