Objectual Philosophy


The chapter 2 which is focused on distributions also defines the support of a distribution as the domain of values of the independent variable. This domain consists of a set of singular values, which are either quantitative (numerical, scalar) or literal (words, characters), or other type (for instance, graphical symbols), otherwise speaking, we are dealing with an abstract object. All the singular values contained by this object - distribution’s support - are evaluated by an IPS, if those values exist in its internal or external memory. Even the distributions are only some mathematic models of real objects, the distribution’s support being only a part of this model. According to the objectual philosophy, the word support was continually used for the values domain of an independent variable belonging to a distribution only due to reasons related to a gradual transition from the usual terms from mathematics to the terms specific to this paper. It is clear that in this case, we are dealing with an abstract support.

In chapter 8, where the general IPS model was presented, we have seen that each information perceived by an IPS has a material support - a MS belonging to the class of information support systems (ISS). When we are talking about ISS, this means that each type of transmissible qualitative information perceived by an IPS is associated to a material flux with specific properties, flux which is coming from (efferent) a source material object. Besides the natural qualitative properties (given by specialized sensory organs of each type of evolved organism), the people are able to perceive properties of the transmitted objects also through fluxes placed outside the natural perception range, by means of flux converters which turn the fluxes which cannot be directly perceived (IR (infrared), UV (ultraviolet), X, γ photons, electrons, neutrons fluxes etc.) into directly perceivable fluxes (IR or UV visors, electronic microscopes, IR, UV, X, γ photons, telescopes etc.). Taking into account these findings, it is worth noticing the fact that absolutely all these properties which are perceived either directly or indirectly have as their material support both the aimed object and the material fluxes which are generated by it (either the emergent fluxes or the reflected ones). Since one of the most important properties of the objects perceived by an IPS is the spatial position (determined against an internal spatial RS, which can be found at any organization level of the biosystems), the objectual philosophy claims that:

AXIOM VIII (space axiom): The spatial position property of a MS, with its domain of values - infinite space - cannot exist without a material support. Since this property is considered to be continuous and infinite divisible, this means that for each infinitesimal space domain, a support MS must exist.

The axiom VIII together with SOP (systemic organization principle) which was presented in chapter 1, both postulate the direct interrelation between the infinity of the organization domain of the abiotic MS and the space infinity. The space exists just because of the fact it is the support domain of the material systems existence; any MS needs an internal spatial domain (delimited by RBS) and an external spatial domain delimited by the contests with the proximity neighbors (in which the external energy of a MS is contained). Due to this reason, it is impossible to exist any spatial domain, no matter how little it is, without being fully charged with MS with different organization levels. The systems with superior organization are nothing else but finite and limited parts (partitions) belonging to this overcrowded MS set which have an uneven energy distribution per element, sections which can move/propagate through that set. The assumption of the infinite size of the space therefore draws both the assumption of the infinite divisibility of MS and the assumption of their infinite composition ability. Moreover, if the space is the abstract support domain of the material systems, the material systems are the space’s real support.

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